We planned to put together an annual volunteer day to pick berries for the North County Food Bank. We loved doing this last year and wish we could have again this year! Unfortunately, due to this year’s weather, the berries became invaded and covered with bees and other insects to the point where we couldn’t give them away. We’ve been in conversations with the Executive Director, who understands our situation, having grown up on a farm herself!

We will be giving North County Food Bank a monetary donation as we would have in berries. Not as much fun as we had last year when we all were able to contribute, we sure hope next year will be better!

Enjoy the rest of your summer, thank you again for understanding, and for choosing our family’s farm for your blueberries. We sure appreciate all of you!

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This has been a day-to-day decision as the berries become so unpredictable this time of year, creating their own season based on this weather. They have become overripe and aren’t the quality we wish to sell this late in the season. We had the best of intentions of staying open through the week, but would prefer to sell the best possible berries to our customers. The honey bees are also beginning to “stock up for the winter,” so we’re dealing with them, as well. We tried staying open for you as long as we could and wish we could have extended it through the week!

We are also disappointed to announce that due to Covid regulations, we aren’t able to open for gleaning this year, without the ability to monitor the field. It’s been a different kind of challenge, and we’re thankful everyone was so kind and understanding.

Thank you to our awesome customers, we appreciate your support this year. Thanks to our amazing staff, thanks for all your compliments – we worked hard to provide you with a great experience! Enjoy the berries! We will have a plan for the Food Bank contribution soon.

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Still soooo many sweet berries! Photo taken this morning. Head to the middle and end of the blue rows and you’ll find some easy picking!
Extra bonus: Berries are now $1.50/lb!

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UPDATE: Bring home a memory of your visit to our farm. T-shirts now available for sale!

Online orders instructions for blueberries!

We’ve set up an online ordering site to place orders for pre-picked berries to be picked up here at the farm. Here’s the website:


1. Select the “Store” at the top left, select the berries photo and “Add to Bag.”
2. Select “Add more” for total # of pounds you’d like. (For reference, a large bucket holds approx. 12 lbs.)
3. Check out – enter your information, pay and that’s it!

Your order will be available within 24 hours on these pick-up dates: Thursday – Sunday. (Orders can be placed Wed – Sun.)

Limited quantity available per day. If you receive an “out of stock” notice, we’ve filled all orders for that day, but don’t worry! Check back the next day – the berries are available every day we are open.

You can now also “Shop” on Facebook – look for the “Shop” option at the left-hand side of our page!

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Still a lot of berries on those bushes, but unfortunately, the extreme heat has over-ripened some of them. Sure wish we could control the weather, right?! Keep in mind, it takes a bit more time to pick this time of year. Perfect for smoothies, jams, pies, stock up and freeze for winter!

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Sunday’s weather forecast: Hot! 98 degrees. For the safety of our employees and customers, we need to close at 2 PM. Find a shady spot and stay hydrated – some of us will wish we had this heat in about November. 🙂

Please spread the word!

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Thanks to a few days of sun, they’ll be ready for our “Blue Crop Opening Day” tomorrow, July 17! Hours: 8 am – 8 pm! Open this weekend, Saturday – Sunday, 8 am – 8 pm

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May 12, 2020

Getting Ripe!

Our blueberries are typically ready in late June, early July.  We’ll keep you posted in our Farm News as we get closer to opening day! You